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Open Season Announcements

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That time of year is upon us as we enter a new  CrossFit Games “Open Season.” This is an annual event that most of you will be familiar with but if not then please familiarize yourself here.  This time of year can be fun and exciting but also presents us as a facility challenges as we do our best to manage the many considerations of working with a diverse group of people featuring varying goals, abilities, personalities, schedules and perspectives.  Our primary concerns is and always will be the (1) Health and safety of our members, (2) fulfillment and enjoyment of the training process, and (3) pursuit of progress.  While they often do, these considerations do not always support each other in their entirety and we do our best to manage the above.

With that said, the following is our “plan” for this year’s CF Games Open:

-We will be hosting the Open workouts on Friday nights during the 5:30pm class and Saturday mornings during the 10:00 am class.  This means all other classes will remain as usual (Including Friday @ 4:30 and Saturday at 9:00) and will feature an entirely different workout than is prescribed for the open.

-For those submitting scores online (register under our team “Stratum CrossFit”), you will be responsible for coordinating an “official judge” among your piers (schedule with a friend).  If you are not submitting an official score then no judge will be required.  We can help to orchestrate this to the best of our abilities during the scheduled class times but we coaches cannot be available to judge an endless stream of athletes without sacrificing our ability to serve the rest of the Stratum population.

We feel that this system will best satisfy those who are excited to participate in the open and we as your coaches want to do everything we can to support this group.  We also recognize that the open can introduce a lot of chaos into our planning for your training and given the nature of having to cater the programming to both the elite and the first-time fitness enthusiasts the open workouts are often either way too advanced or scaled far below appropriate for an intermediate level athlete.  It is our belief that those who place a great deal of importance on the open will prioritize it into their schedule.  We otherwise feel that we can better serve our members by providing our routine training.

Please do not hesitate with any feedback but please recognize that we understand every system will have its flaws.  We truly believe this is the best solution for Stratum as a whole and look forward to having some fun!